An integrated digital presence needs smart ideas and measurable goals.

3. Design and development phase

Design-OperationsIn this stage of the methodology, first the design tasks are performed and then we proceed to the development of the functions.

Appearance and functionality

Design phase

The list of requirements presented earlier can be used to create multiple plans. In this phase, one or more drawings are created to get a first picture of the project. Depending on the scope of the project, this drawing can be sketches, flowcharts, screen drawings from generated HTML code and UML schemas. The project supervisor uses these drawings to make the final selection. The final design is used in the development phase where, once selected, it cannot be changed in any of the subsequent stages of the project.

Development phase

During the development of a project, all the functions of the selected project are implemented. In this phase, custom applications (depending on the needs) are developed such as an e-shop application, a booking engine for a hotel or news portal, car rental, etc.