The six steps that lead us to success!

3. Design and development phase

Design-OperationsWhen we generate the requirements' analysis report to anyone interested and only if there is an agreement, we are ready to start working with design and development tasks for the project. At this step of methodology, we start working with the design tasks (apply color scheme and develop the content layout) and thereafter we continue with the features' implemenentation (development phase).

Appearance and functionality

Design Phase

The list of requirements' analysis report, as presented earlier, can now be used to create multiple design patterns. In this phase, one or more prototypes are developed archiving a very first 'image' of the project. Depending on the project, the result of this 'image' can include sketches, flow charts, HTML screen designs and UML schemas. Project's supervisor use these schemas to pick the final one for the project. This schema will be used in development phase where, once selected, it cannot be changed at any of the subsequent steps of the project.

Development Phase

During the development phase we implement the functionality needed for the selected schema. We finally develop custom applications (depending on the needs) such as online shop application, a hotel booking engine or hotels portal, car rental engine etc.

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