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Vehicles rental

Vehicles rental is a web based booking package for almost any kind of vehicle! Add not only cars and motorcycles but also scooters, ATV/Quads, buggies, bicycles, yachts/boats etc and enjoy this superb - fully customized application. This package can be used as an office back-end application for rent...

Vehicles rental

Online Reservations - Vehicles RentalVehicles rental is a web based booking package for almost any kind of vehicle! Add not only cars and motorcycles but also scooters, ATV/Quads, buggies, bicycles, yachts/boats etc and enjoy this superb - fully customized application. This package can be used as an office back-end application for rent-a-car companies want just to add their reservations manually and/or as an online booking software where all the booking and payment process is performed automatically. Let's see the features in detail and how to extend it using extra services below.

Features of vehicles rental website

Vehicles rental website
  • Responsive web design.
  • Logo design.
  • Membership management (add, register, edit, delete user account).
  • Newsletter.
  • Contact form.
  • Sitemap for SEO and easy navigation.
  • Website security basic tasks.
  • SEO basic tasks.
  • Pagespeed optimization basic tasks.

Vehicles rental application features

  • Multi-user environment.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Unlimited rental companies (use this package as a software).
  • Multi-language interface translated (currently) into English, Italian, Greek, French, German, Russian and Turkish.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Multiple vehicle types (cars, motorcycles, scooters, ATV/Quads, buggies, bicycles, yachts/boats and other).
  • Hybrid web based rent-a-car software (desktop/online).
  • Availability calendar for all of your fleet.
  • Perform booking directly from the availability calendar.
  • Change reservation date and/or vehicle in availability calendar with Drag-And-Drop.
Vehicles rental control panel
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  • Complete customer details.
  • Customer invoice details.
  • Unlimited rental companies (package as a software)
  • Credit card details (and validation).
  • Vehicle extra services (Child seat, GPS, etc).
  • Log changes in reservations.
  • Affiliates program is supported.
  • Discount coupons. Valid for specific rental duration (eg for rentals from 10 to 20 days), for specific pick-up period or for specific reservation period (eg. for reservations during July 2019). You can also set how many times a discount coupon can be used (1 or more).
  • Configurable payment methods (Paypal, Bank deposit, Alpha Bank e-commerce, Cash on delivery, Skrill, 2 Checkout, Credit card, offline,, and more.)
  • Multiple areas and pick-up/drop-off locations.
  • Location fees. Charge customers a fee for pick-up/drop-off a vehicle from/to a specific location. Location fees are also period and rental duration based. For example charge 30 EUR for pick-ups from the airport during summer (June-August) for rentals with duration less than 5 days and 20 EUR for rentals with duration 6 days or more.
  • Fleet management (Groups, Models, Vehicles).
  • Group preparation time (the time required after a vehicle is returned by the customer until it is available again for new booking).
  • Group categories (mini, medium, family, SUV, etc).
  • Group prices can vary depending on the season and the rental duration.
  • Included in price (group based). Goods or services which are included in rental price and provided without additional cost.
  • Group extras (group based). Goods or services which are provided with an additional cost (max price, max quantity, free quantity).
  • Vehicle models (with image and custom ribbons).
Vehicles section - control panel
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  • Fleet vehicles (cars, motorcycles, yachts, etc). For each vehicle you can provide data such as : plate, color, year, distance traveled, insurance company/expiration, next service date, and more.
  • Early booking discount (group based). Provide a discount to customers that make a reservation early enough.
  • Full amount discount (group based). A percentage (0-99) discount to provide to customer if he selects to pay the whole amount instead just the surety fee.
  • Fake discount (group based). A percentage (0-99) FAKE discount upon seasonal prices.
  • Most discounts can be enabled on specific seasons only.
  • Same location discount (applies on location pickup/drop-off fees if pickup/drop-off locations are the same).
  • Both locations fee discount (applies on location pickup/drop-off fees if there is a fee on both pickup and dropoff locations).
  • Pay cash discount (A percentage discount to customers that select to pay the rest amount -not the surety fee- in cash).
  • Delayed return charge (per delay hour) and free of charge tolerance (seasons support).
  • Avoid today night pickups setting.
  • Minimum/Maximum Rental duration setting (seasons support).
  • Setting to cancel automatically non-confirmed rentals after a specific number of days.
  • Tax percentage and surety fee.
  • Full prices Re-fuel service price.
  • Full-To-Empty policy price automatic calculation (Pick-up with full tank, drop-off with empty).
  • Configurable fields in booking form.
  • Option to send e-mails from a third party server (anyone).
  • Set company working hours (based on location and season). For example our office on Athens airport is closed every December 25 (Christmas).
  • Pick-up / Drop-off outside of working hours (set additional charges for pick-up and drop-offs outside of working hours).
  • Export reservations as an Excel (.xlsx) document.
  • Import / export price rates (XML).
  • Copy a year prices to an other year.
  • Statistical charts.
  • Models can be available only to specific locations.
  • Special care for boat and yacht rentals.

Vehicle rentals package can be provided as a software (the default option) or as a service. Both options use the same features as presented above however, using this package as a service, we create a rental company account for you in our own servers and you start immediately adding vehicles and accepting reservations. (see details below). Vehicle rentals service can be used in a Wordpress website or for the one that developed in PHP.

Vehicle rentals - Template design sample
Vehicle rentals - Template design sample.

Vehicles rentals as a service

In this scenarion, vehicle rentals website make a use of a secured connection with our own servers. Each rental company can have multiple users with login access only to their own company. Each company has its own settings, methods of payments, etc. The data (vehicles, bookings, etc) are completely separated and private for each company.

Are you interested to use vehicles rentals as a service? Contact with Stavros to help you with!

Extra services for this package

We can extend the features of this package by picking one or more services as listed below.

Request a quote for vehicles rental website and take advantage of the privileges we offer!

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