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We have revised this privacy policy with effect from 23nd May 2018, to further clarify what data we collect and set out your rights under the European Union GDPR, which comes into effect from 25th May 2018.

Please read the revised terms below carefully before continue using our service. If you have any questions about this change, please don't hesitate to contact us. Make sure you agree with the following terms, because any further use of our services presumes that you absolutely consent with them.

  • WEBGIFT DEV (from now on Company, the company who created the website webgift.dev, webgift.cc and webgift.gr (from now on website), provides its services, under the following terms of use, which the user (from now on Client) can use only if he fully accepts them.
  • The Company has the right to partially modify/add/remove the present terms at any time. Any change pointed to the terms will be directly valid and ready to be applied.
  • Company has the obligation to update its Clients for any modification or any change, through public announcement on the Webpage or an email. Every use of the Website after such modifications, will be considered as acceptance of the changes, modifications, additions or deletions.
  • User is the only and exclusive responsible to fully restore any damage pointed to Company, if the damages are result of client’s non compliance with the present terms.
  • Every User is responsible:
    • To provide true, accurate, valid and full and complete information.
    • To set a username and a personal password. The User is exclusively responsible for safekeeping these sensitive data in order to avoid any illegal or non-authorized use of the Webpage’s services from third party.
    • To maintain and inform his registration data, so that they remain valid and fully updated. If the Client chooses to delete information, this information is deleted instantly.
  • Cookies:
    The Company uses cookies as part of easement but also functionality of its Webpage services. Cookies are small textfiles that allow the Webpage to function smoothly- without technical anomalies and ease the Users access in it. Cookies do not cause damages to the users’ computers or to the files stored to them. Cookies are absolutely necessary in order that the Webpage functions correctly and smoothly.
  • Users are not allowed to use our services to:
    • Post, publish, send, transfer or other method to install content that is illegal, harmful, deceptive, threatening, offensive, maligning, raw, violent, abusive, racist.
    • Emulate any legal or physical person or faulty statement of a Client’s identity or deceptive statement regarding the relationship or/and collaboration between the Client and any third party.
    • Counterfeiting or deformation of other Users’ information with the purpose of deception.
    • Interference with the services or disruption of services/servers/networks that are connected with the Company’s services.
    • Violation with or without intention, of any local, national, european, international law or/and any rule that has law validity and concerns or/and covers any service of the Company.

    The Company in case of noticing any of the above, has the right to deactivate any account without further warning to the Client.

Privacy Policy

The following specific terms are underlied to the general terms.
We recognize the importance of personal data, the European law General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and electronic transaction protection.So:

  • The Company takes all the required measures, with the most recent and advanced methods in order to apply the maximum security for its clients. All personal data and user transaction, are safe, confidential and they are NOT shared to any third party service. Delicate data such as passwords are encrypted.
  • The Company has procedures that preserve Users’ personal data. These procedures protect the data from any non-authorized access or view, loss or misuse, change or damage
  • The Company expressly states that it does NOT share the personal data of "Users" in any third party service of any purpose (eg analysis, advertisements, etc.)
  • We request that you take into consideration that we will do anything possible in order to keep your personal data safe, but the protection of your access password to our Webpage depends also on you. For your own safety you should manage all the information provided from the Webpage with confidentiality and not reveal them to any third party.
  • In case of losing a password, manual retrieval is not possible. For this reason, use the password reminder tool.
  • To delete your account: Please contact with us. A verification message will be sent in order to check that you are the owner of the account. Once the process complete successfully we will proceed your request.
  • To retrieve your account's data: Please contact with us. A verification message will be sent in order to check that you are the owner of the account. Once the process complete successfully we will proceed your request.

The visit and use of Webpage services means the unconditional acceptance of the above terms. The Company has no responsibility for any loss or damage that follows User’s negligence to comply with these terms.


The following terms underlie the general terms of use
Our E-shop provides content (products, services, photos, information etc) “as is”. Therefore before using e-shop's services, please read carefully the following terms of use.

  1. For users’ convenience, e-shop products have been categorized. Each category has the correspondent products.
  2. Each product has a unique Product Key.
  3. The Company reserves the right of changing the charge policy without prior notice but always without retroactive validity. In any case charges take place only after being accepted by the user.
  4. The Company reserves the right of changing the services on special occasions (e.g feasts). The offers apply strictly for the specified announced time and without retroactive validity.
  5. In case new services are added, new terms of use may be announced from the Website if necessary.
  6. The Company is responsible for the completeness and validity of information that are contained in the e-shop. An exception to the above is technical or type errors that can’t be anticipated or happen unintentionally.
  7. The Company has no responsibility if the users’ order is not executed due to customers’ liability.
  8. The Company has no responsibility for law or civil or criminal requirements from customers or third party, relevant to non-operation of the website or temporarily failure on service provision.
  9. The Company has the right to restrict or forbid the use of services to customers that are proven to have interfered in any fraud against other customers, relevant to the e-shop
  10. The Company tries to provide high-quality services. It has no responsibility for price errors and product specifications and cannot ensure that there will be no webpage operation shutoffs or human errors while typing products’ prices.
  11. Credit card usage: E-shop accepts any Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners credit cards. Every transaction is protected by Paypal, which guaranties a safe transaction environment. The whole communication is encrypted with the use of a 128-bit key. Paypal system decodes the information and then concludes your transaction in the safest way.
  12. Bank account deposit: The payment must be done within 48 hours from order time. In any other case the order can be cancelled by the Company.
  13. During bank account deposit, the user must signify as Deposit reasoning his full name or his domain name. In any other case, the Company has no responsibility if the deposit cannot be confirmed.
  14. Money refund. Any refund for immaterial products that have been paid is NOT possible.
  15. Backing out/cancellation order. This can occur ONLY in the following cases:
    • Before the order is completed, you can press the “delete” button which is in your shopping cart. By clicking this link, the product is automatically removed.
    • If the order is completed but the payment is still pending, you can contact with us to cancel the order.
  16. The Company has the right to deduct any cost related with payments through credit cards or any online payments (e.g. Paypal).
  17. Refund for domain name registration cost is not accepted.
  18. Order delay. The order can be delayed for the following reasons:
    • In case of bank account deposit , the products are being sent as soon as the bank transfer is complete.

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  • Heraklion Crete, Greece
  • Γ.Ε.ΜI. No: 166843427000
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