An integrated digital presence needs smart ideas and measurable goals.

2. Analyze the requirements

Requirements’ Analysis The requirements are a description of the ideas so as to satisfy the purpose for which it is being developed. Below is a presentation of the definition, the consequences of not proceeding with the analysis and the advantages of using this step.

Definition of requirements analysis

It is better to prevent than to correct afterwards. It is better to have well-defined desires and know what you are asking for than to follow the "do it and see" mentality.

In short, requirements analysis is the process of drawing up a list of specifications that a project or task must meet. This list is quite useful to all parties involved.


Often developers, analysts, customers and potential users underestimate requirements analysis and do not give it its due importance. This results in the creation of projects with significant omissions. Improvements to projects are very expensive, complex to resolve and therefore time-consuming.

For this reason, requirements analysis is considered an essential component for any successful implementation.


The most important benefits of using requirements analysis are organizational, operational and financial. It significantly minimizes the cost of implementation and ensures that it will be completed on schedule following certain specifications.