The six steps that lead me to success!

1. Collect information

Information CollectionIn methodology's section we're going to analyze, as thoroughly as possible, the steps we take over till presenting the final result to our clients and thus, to their prospective clients. We call them as theoretical planning of a project or task. It is considered as important to report these steps by making known to our visitors some ingredients of our success that we have set as a web design - development office and follow them on a daily basis.

Starting a new project

Starting with the assignment of a new project or task in the first step we collect the accurate information we need to determine the needs. In collaboration with the interested party we look for all the necessary elements they wish to include.

Our experience allows us to separate the desired information from the unwanted result. It is important however, that anyone interested be in a position to share the best possible description of his/her needs or desires!

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