The six steps that lead me to success!

4. Content management

Content Management systemIn this step we create module positions and we assign one or more modules to each position.

Content management system

The content submission process is based on an integrated content management system. It is called as management system for the reason that there are unlimited possibilities there! Some of these are content's categories creation and articles that belong to a category or not, archiving option, content search or integration of translation tool, comment on articles features and more.

Specialists presence

Many people or companies use content management system without being specialized. The result is obviously not the desirable one! Many websites have exactly the same or similar appearance and functionality. Such choice serve several bugs and security lacks in both code and management view. Unbeknownst to defy the dangers that lurk and have as a result many working hours transformed into malfunction or interruption due to violent security lacks.

Reasons why

The professionals presence is deemed as necessary as they will choose the appropriate techniques of content's presentation, they will adapt the system to act according to their clients' need as well as they will create all of those features that have initially agreed between the two parts. Finally they will ensure the data protection being transferred through the network as well as they will optimize it in order to be at the top of search engines results!

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