IOSR AERO - Α booking time scheduled items software

IOSR Aero iconIOSR AERO is an IOS Reservations (IOSR) extension for booking time scheduled items such as appointments, tickets, events, lessons, seminars, tours, flights, ballons, races, games, shows - presentations and more! IOSR AERO is suitable for any business that works with specified date/time schedule like doctors, teachers, actors etc and want f.e to create an event for a show and sell tickets having a maximum of 100 people (room capacity).


An all around software for your needs!

IOSR AERO is a multi-user application. The system administrator create accounts for companies and each company can have multiple users with login access only to their own company. Each company has its own settings, methods of payments, etc. The data (events, bookings, etc) are completely separated and private for each company. A user of company A cannot access the control panel of company B and the opposite. Only site managers and administrators can access the control panels of all companies. Check reference links at the bottom of the current article to view IOSR Aero screenshots.

API integration

IOSR AERO has a public interface to display companies, events and accept bookings. Moreover there is the option provide with ready to use plugins for Wordpress, Elxis CMS and standard PHP sites to accept bookings from remote sites too. You install the plugin in a web site, configure its connection parameters and the plugin gets connected to IOSR AERO via a secure connection. Via this connection data gets exchanged between the third party site and IOSR AERO. Visitors can see the events list and make reservations from your web site and without visiting the site IOSR AERO is installed. The connection is completely transparent.

Demo mode

IOSR AERO can work in demo mode for the whole installation or for specific company(s) only. In demo mode everything is accessible as usual however save process won't be completed. A message regarding demo mode restrictions will be triggered instead. Also in demo mode IOSR AERO does not sends e-mails. However the XML/JSON APIs (API Integration) work as usual and accept reservations with the exception that no notification e-mails are sent. Remote bookings can be disabled from IOSR Aero global settings area in case you want to disable receiving bookings from API at all! Do you want to disable it for a certain company? Simply disable the company's API integration entry from APIs section!

IOSR AERO is a multi-dimensional application. It can be used as an office back-end application for companies want just to add their reservations manually and/or as an online booking software where all the booking and payment process is performed automatically.

Did you know that we use IOSR Aero software to build events bookings website? Visit events bookings package and explore some of the most powerful features (like software as a service - SAAS one) IOSR Aero offers to anyone interest.

IOS Reservations (IOSR)

IOS Reservation component icon25,00€ (Required - one per Elxis installation)

IOS Reservations (IOSR) component is an online booking platform. The core of the system is a component for Elxis CMS. IOSR can be extended to provide bookings for hotels (IOSR Hotels), car rentals (IOSR Rentals), tickets (IOSR Aero) and almost anything that can be booked online. So, IOS Reservations (IOSR) component is a place holder for IOSR extensions and has no front-end functionality by itself.

IOSR AERO copyright removal license (CRL)

IOSR AERO copyright removal license icon225,00€ (Optional)

IOSR AERO is provided as a white labeled software for its public interface. This means that the site/API plugin visitors will not see any copyright note 'by I Open Source'. In companies control panel there is a small copyright note at the bottom of the pages. You are not allowed to remove or hide this copyright note unless you buy a special Copyright Removal License.

After you purchase such a license we will contact you to provide us your IOSR AERO activation key and your site's URL address. Note that IOSR AERO has to be activated in order for the Copyright Removal License to work.

  • I don't want to pay for an extra license, can I use the IOSR AERO?
    Off course! You can use IOSR Aero you legally purchased just fine with all its features. The Copyright Removal License is only for the removal of Is Open Source copyright from the companies control panel, nothing else.
  • Does the Copyright Removal License expires?
    No. The license never expires and has no time limitations.
IOSR AERO copyright removal license before and after
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  • Can I use the same license on other IOSR AERO installations?
    No. The Copyright Removal License is for one IOSR Aero installation and cannot be used, or transferred, to an other site as it is bind to your unique IOSR AERO activation key which also cannot be used/transferred to an other site.
  • I got a CRL license, do I have the copyright of IOSR AERO?
    No. IOSR AERO is commercial software developed and copyrighted by Is Open Source / Ioannis Sannos and you are limited to the terms of IOSR AERO license. With the CRL license you only get the permission to remove the visible Is Open Source copyright note from IOSR AERO companies control panel.
  • I purchased a Copyright Removal License, now what?
    We will contact you and ask you for your IOSR Aero activation key and your site's URL address. After your reply you will get an email with a license file and instructions on how to use it. If you dont want to waste time with emails exchange, during your purchase write us your IOSR AERO activation key and your site's URL address in the order's comments area.

Updates, support and license

  • Commercial license. You are allowed to install and use this extension in one (1) Elxis website only. By purchasing this extension and/or IOSR component you will get a product key for each software activation.
  • Refund process is not applicable for IOS Reservation, IOSR Aero and the copywrite removal license.
  • Modification of the source code (HTML/PHP/JS) is NOT allowed, is illegal and leads to license termination and denial of support and updates. Further license or copyright violations lead to legal actions against you.
  • IOSR AERO extension, IOS Reservations component and underlying technology rights owned by Ioannis Sannos (IOS).
  • We provide free updates and free e-mail support for solving problems related to the application it self. We don’t provide free support for issues that have to do with your hosting server, CMS, your technical skills and anything else except IOSR AERO.
  • If you need paid services like support, installation, activation, license key issue or module/plugin development, modifications in styling can contact with webgift dev.
  • Please contact directly with Is Open Source / Ioannis Sannos for new features requests.

webgift dev is the official software reseller of Is Open Source company. Review carefully the license notice, permissions and restrictions above and feel free to contact with us for any further information.

IOSR AERO extension requires the following:

a. Elxis CMS of version 5.0 or newer.

Elxis CMS is an open source CMS which you can download for free from website. Elxis runs on any web server with PHP and MySQL. We always recommend using the latest Elxis version (currently 5.0).

b. IOS Reservations 5.0+

IOS Reservations component v5.0 or newer. Prior versions of IOS Reservations (like the 4.x and 3.x series) are not compatible with this extension.

We strongly recommend the use of Firefox or Chrome web browser in administration and companies’ control panels.

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