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Why choose us

Why us

Cooperation criterias

One of the most essential elements of creating an office like Webgift is the absolute honesty in the cooperation with you. For that reason and only this we quote you below the criterias of choosing an office like ours.

Customer service

Your website is important to us and we assure you that we completely understand your needs. We guarantee a fast and effective response to your requests.


Good relations with customers is key for any successful cooperation. We develop long term relationships that are mutually beneficial. Our experience in web design, programming, databases, network management, sales and informatics will give you the most suitable option for you. We are bound to high standards and we guarantee high quality of service at a competitive price.

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Modern technology

We use the latest technologies for your web site or libraries for the development of a web application. This results in high quality, easy, fast and impressive user experience for your visitors.

Reliable web hosting

You website is important and reliable web hosting protects your investment. We apply the most suitable techniques to ensure your web site remains active 24/7, 356 day a year.


All our products are made with expandability in mind. We realise in the modern market the need for quick changes and adaptability is vital. We are always ready to make fast and effective changes and additions that meet your needs.

Unique projects

Every customer is different so we guarantee a website's design that are ideally matched to your wishes.

Search engine visibility

Many websites are not indexed properly to search engines. This results appearing very low in the search results or not at all. Although no one can guarantee the best ranking instead of applying advanced SEO service, we can ensure you that all of our projects are well-indexed so we can have a desired result.

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We love what we do. We are not a marketing company that sells the same products again and again (f.e: wordpress with templates from themeforest) to their customers. Internet as a wonderful technology, brings people together and we love working with every one of you for the same passion having the same goal.

Money back quarantee

We guarantee to issue you a full refund should you request for a cancellation of your service before the slicing and conversion has begun or if you are not satisfied with the result. Refund process can not be applied to software with commercial license.

NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

Your copyrights remain yours - we will not re-use/re-sell your professional artwork to anyone. We will never ever contact your clients directly. We value long term work relations. Your artwork is only used to assist you with your goals. We guarantee that information shared with us including artwork, contact information or any other notes will remain confidential.

Price guarantee

Having accomplished several projects and requests over the years, we can ensure that the quality of provided services is absolutely comparable with the cost of the final result.

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