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Software - hardware technologies

Internet technologiesUsing high quality software and hardware technologies we are given the opportunity to deliver absolutely desired results.

Internet technologies


I base on a high-speed network, specially designed for data transfer (known as Transfer Layer). Servers are connected into different and independent connections so, i can ensure that services won't be depended on one, single network and the client doesn't have to worry about his website.

I always love to meet the growing needs of my customers so, i have created the VPS hosting plans.

I could mention here that: Hardware-based Quality of Service (QOS) lies on Transfer Layer and is affected by the following factors: a. Possibility of failure in connection's installation, b. Transfer Delay, c. Protection, d. Priority and e. Network's resistance.

I am totally aware of the above elements and i can ensure with my experience, a secure functionality through network and therefore a secure hosting for the website's files, databases, email messages etc.


I work with very popular image, video-editing and source code developing programs. Having the knowledge needed and the experience over the years, i have selected those programs that help me deliver results-driven solutions!

Of course, these programs mean nothing without experts!

In terms of code and security i use Object Oriented Programming technique, mainly with PHP. It's obvious that i also use client-side languages like native Javascript, CSS, HTML and some 3rd party frameworks depends on the each project's requirements.

Some theoretical definitions of Object Oriented Programming that i daily meet are: Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. Code's security with Object Oriented Programming (theoretical approach) underlies in the fact that one method is written once and it is called (inherited) as many times as we need it, otherwise, using the conventional programming’s philosophy, we write the same method again and again. Such approach results to security leaks and the fact that it's hard to update source code.

In conclusion, i could confess that the quality of the provided services, the experience and the constant need of seeking new challenges on the internet are consist of the major ingredients of our 'electronical' office existence i call webgift.


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