Design without purpose and intention is merely decoration — smart, strategic design solves problems and hits defined targets.
Website templates (themes)

Designing a prototype for a website is everything that a website has to present to its visitors. ...

Website templates (themes)

TemplatesDesigning a prototype for a website is everything that a website has to present to its visitors. A beautiful and at the same time modern design will impress potential customers but it is not enough for a website to be successful.

Template's functions

Templates should have easy navigation, well-structured content and appropriate technical infrastructure (source code level) to produce the final HTML code. We have been working for years producing unique Users' Experiences (UX) where we apply on each project we take over!

We design custom and fully responsive templates

Design beyond colors, as we can easily understand, consists of a set of functions. Several templates are created to allow client be able to modify the appearance of his website. Functions like show or hide sidebars, change the dimensions of sidebars etc. can be implemented in the functions of a template appearance.

Image editors, CSS styles, Javascript code or additional javascript libraries (such as jQuery) as well as the PHP programming language are key components of success and aesthetics.

Website is considered as successful when it attracts visitors and fully covers the purposes (commercial or not) it represents.

We've designed and developed a series of templates (with commercial license or GNU/GPL - free) for #Elxis CMS over the years. Request us a quote to create your own template.

All templates are compatible with portable devices (Web responsive design).

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