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Events bookings

Events bookings package is a web based package for time scheduled events such as rendezvous, appointments, cultural events, shows, tickets, lessons, flights and seminars. ...

Events bookings

events bookings - online reservationsEvents bookings package is a web based package for time scheduled events such as rendezvous, appointments, cultural events, shows, tickets, lessons, flights and seminars. The website would be ready to get reservations and suitable for any professional that works with specified date/time schedule like doctors, teachers, actors, etc. Moreover each event can be for 1 or more persons (seats). You can, for example, create an event for a show, for a maximum 100 people and sell tickets.

This package can be used as an office back-end application for companies want just to add their reservations offline and/or as an online booking software!

Features of events bookings website

Events booking website sample
  • Responsive web design.
  • Logo design.
  • Membership management (add, register, edit, delete user account).
  • Multi-language support.
  • Newsletter.
  • Contact form.
  • Sitemap for SEO and easy navigation.
  • Website security basic tasks.
  • SEO basic tasks.
  • Pagespeed optimization basic tasks.

Events bookings application features

Balloon bookings - Control panel dashboard
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  • You can add unlimited companies. (use this package as software)
  • Multi-user environment.
  • Multi-language interface.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Support for many booking item types (appointments, events, lessons, tours, flights, tickets, shows, presentations, games, races and more including a custom option where you freely set your business).
  • Hybrid web based software (desktop/online).
  • Complete customer details (booking form elements are fully configurable).
  • Customer invoice details (optional).
  • PDF document (invoice) with full reservation details (autmatically emailed to the customer).
  • Personal details for each guest (optional).
Balloon Control panel - Calendar page
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  • Credit card details (and validation).
  • Extra services support (additional things to book with extra charge - or free).
  • Log changes in reservations
  • Discount coupons. Valid for specific for specific date period or for specific reservation period (eg. for reservations during March 2025). You can also set how many times a discount coupon can be used (1 or more).
  • Configurable payment methods (Paypal, Bank deposit, Alpha Bank e-commerce, Cash on delivery, Skrill, 2 Checkout, Credit card, offline,, and more).
  • Booking items (events) features.
  • Booking items schedule based on regular hours (eg Monday to Friday) and on custom hours (any time period).
  • Copy a booking item schedule to an other item.
  • Calendar preview.
  • Prices can vary depending on the event date/time.
  • Prices can vary depending on guests ages (Adult/Children).
Balloon Control panel - Reservations page
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  • During booking you can ask for Children information or, if you dont accept children or you dont have a special price policy for children, just for persons.
  • Setting to cancel automatically non-confirmed reservations after a specific number of days.
  • Tax percentage and surety fee.
  • Configurable fields in booking form.
  • Option to send e-mails from a third party server (anyone).
  • Export reservations as an Excel (.xlsx) document.
  • Statistical charts
  • Special reservation status page.

Events bookings package can be provided as a software (the default option) or as a service. Both options use the same features as presented above however, using this package as a service, we create a company account for you in our own servers and you start adding f.e events, flights and accepting bookings. (see Events bookings as a service below). Events bookings service can be used in a Wordpress website or for the one that developed in PHP.

Conference tickets - Template design sample
Conference tickets - Template design sample. [Click to zoom]

Events bookings as a service

In this scenarion, events bookings website make a use of a secured connection with our own servers. Each company can have multiple users with login access only to their own company. Each company has its own settings, payment methods etc. The data (lessons, tickets, games, flights, etc) are completely separated and private for each company.

Are you interested to use events bookings package as a service? Contact with Stavros to help you with!

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