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Elxis Importer, a free component, makes possible the import of data from various sources into Elxis CMS. Elxis Importer comes with WordPress to Elxis extension built in. If you have a WordPress site and you want to switch to Elxis CMS you can now do it easily and free with Elxis Importer (similar tools for other CMSs are commercial).

An automated tool to migrate from WordPress to Elxis.

The procedure to import data from WordPress to Elxis is fully automatic. The only thing you have to set is the connection settings for the WordPress database. Then you configure the import options. You can import users, categories, posts, pages, images and comments.

WordPress to Elxis import options
WordPress to Elxis import options

Especially for the categories you can select to import only specific categories or all categories. The procedure is fully automatic, once you start the import seat back, relax and wait for the importer to finish. If you wish you can stop the process and continue later or re-start it. Logging is also supported for items failed to be imported (for example for not found images).

It is also important to mention that the WordPress site stays intact. The component makes no changes to the WordPress site.

After the import is complete all WordPress data are available locally in Elxis CMS (even posts/pages images get downloaded remotely and saved in Elxis file-system).

Note that the passwords of the imported user accounts are reset to an unknown one. They will be able to login in Elxis after they reset their password by using the I forgot my password feature.

Download Elxis Importer from Elxis Downloads Center and convert any WordPress to Elxis!

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