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One of the most important factors for a website's presence and after its development and design processes, is its essential promotion on the Internet. If you consider your website's presence as a required step then you should target to its optimization the soonest or in a near future task as the web standards are constantly changing.

Free SEO elements' analysis

For that reason we offer free SEO analysis to anyone interested! The general overview will be sent in Excel file format (either xls or ods) at the email address that you will submit to the relative form. We quote you below the general process.

Free SEO analysis
Technical SEO elements

Analysis report will provide us the following information:

  • Total number of URIs that found and the ones that have finally crawled.
  • Total number of internal and extenrnal URIs that blocked by robots.txt.
  • Analysis of the internal and external links seperated by their type like: HTML, Javascript, CSS, Images, PDF, Flash and others.
  • The protocols that are used like HTTP and HTTPS,
  • The numbers of URIs with their response codes like: redirection (3xx), client error (4xx) and server errors (5xx).
  • The number of pages where its link is over of 115 characters.
  • Page titles that are missing, there are duplicates, over of 65 characters or below of 30, are the same as Header1 (H1) or even there have been set multiple page titles.
  • Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords. Similar analysis like page titles as described above.
  • Analysis for the Header1 and Headers2, images as well as the top 20 internal pages.
  • And finally the response times in seconds. How many of the pages responsed within one second, or 2 up to 5 seconds.

With great pleasure we could attach you some graphs of the analysis report in case that you would like to.

An overview graph of URIs

Fill the contact form today with your email address, set as subject: General Question and as a message your website's page. A representative of ours will send the results of the SEO analysis as soon as possible!

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