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  • 1. Hotels portal - Pamirtop in section: Case studies

    Explore hotels in Tajikistan using Pamirtop. Pamirtop hotels portal provides a number of hotels around Tajikistan, a mountainous, landlocked country in Central Asia with an area of 143,100 km2...
  • 2. Redesign - Documentation area of Elxis CMS in section: Case studies

    Completed successfully the redesign service for the documentation site of Elxis CMS 4.x. It is developed based on a modified version of Ares template and it is now compatible with portable devices...
  • 3. Six website redesign mistakes to avoid in section: Our office's blog

    At some point in your website's life-cycle, it will likely be due for a #redesign. Whether you are looking to improve that site's visual appearance, add new features, or make a combination of these...
  • 4. Website redesign in section: Extra services

    With website redesign service will succeed to adjust your website be compatible with the contemporary web standards. During the years trends on the internet change thus, we're fully updated to...