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  • 37. Why choose us in section: Our office

    Cooperation criterias One of the most essential elements of creating an office like Webgift is the absolute honesty in the cooperation with you. For that reason and only this we quote you below the...
  • 38. Module development - Press news in section: Press releases

    WG Press News module has been upgraded to 2.0 version for Elxis 2009.x. Furthermore functionality-appearance has been added. It is now supported from eForum and IOS Bubbles applications of Elxis...
  • 39. Module development - Twitter in section: Press releases

    WG Twitter for Elxis CMS 2009.x or Twitter for Elxis CMS 4.x module present the latest tweets and account details of your Twitter Account or any account you like to promote on your website. Several...
  • 40. Content plugins (Bots) in section: Custom development

    More services mean more adventure! Webgift dev™ can now develop extra features that enrich an article with more functionality and have the name: content plugins. This service is exclusively...

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