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Hotels Portal - Makkabooking.com

Hotels Portal - Makkabooking.com

Makkabooking.com is an online hotel reservations system based on Makkah, Saoudi Arabia. It offers the best hotels in Makkah, Jeddah and Madinah locations at the lowest prices!

"This project was not going to be successful without WebGift. From the very first step they helped us choose the right system and walked with us step by step to build our perfect online booking portal. We had a lot of custom functionality but this was a breeze with WebGift. The staff is smart, knowledgable, and creative. They quickly understand what we want from a few lines then they do it super fast and even goes the extra mile and hand over a complete solution with easy to use options that we can change whenever we need for maximum future flexibility. They are friendly and passionate that sometimes we think they are our partners because they are very excited as we are. We highly recommend them and we defiantly choose them as our number 1 agency."
Sariya Diraneyya - (makkabooking.com), Makkah, Soudi Arabia

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