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Tourism - Hotels portal

Let's create the absolute - like - website for you! With this package you would be able to manage a number of hotels in different locations from all over the world! This package is very flexible and allows you to have different settings and payment methods enabled on each hotel. When a r...

Tourism - Hotels portal

Tourism - Hotels portal packageLet's create the absolute - like - website for you! With this package you would be able to manage a number of hotels in different locations from all over the world! This package is very flexible and allows you to have different settings and payment methods enabled on each hotel. When a reservation is made, booking engine can send e-mail, SMS and FAX notifications to the proper recipient. Customers can see the history of his previous reservations and also track the status of his reservations in real time! Let's see the features in detail and how to extend it using extra services below.

This package can be used as an office back-end application for anyone interested and want just to add hotels reservations manually and/or as an online booking software where all the booking and payment process is performed automatically.

Hotels portal website features homepage
  • Responsive web design.
  • Logo design.
  • Membership management (add, register, edit, delete user account).
  • Multi-language support.
  • Newsletter.
  • Contact form.
  • Sitemap for SEO and easy navigation.
  • Website security basic tasks.
  • SEO basic tasks.
  • Pagespeed optimization basic tasks.

Hotels portal booking engine features

Hotels portal control panel - Hotels list
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  • You can add unlimited hotels.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Administrators control panel.
  • Hoteliers control panel.
  • Manage accommodation types (only admin).
  • Manage hotelier accounts and their permissions (only admin).
  • Integrated hotelier contact form in administration section.
  • Monthly and per reservation commission fee for hoteliers (only admin).
  • Manage tour operators (only admin).
  • Manage hotels.
  • Hotel facilities.
Hotels portal control panel - Accommodation types
  • Add-on services (services the hotel provides under an extra cost).
  • Manage rooms.
  • Manage room price rates.
  • Import / export price rates (XML).
  • Room facilities.
  • You can set each room's accept bookings status to: Online reservations, No new reservations, Inquiry form.
  • Accept reservations online.
  • Availability check.
  • Manage reservations.
  • Edit reservations.
  • Confirm/Reject/Delete reservations.
  • Cancel reservation request (if cancellation is allowed by the hotel).
  • Option to automatically cancel reservations after a number of days if they are un-confirmed/un-paid.
  • Move reservation in time.
Hotels portal control panel - Rooms list
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  • Contact reservation guest.
  • Offline reservations.
  • Reservation viewer (HTML, PDF and printable version).
  • Reservations report (view in HTML, export as XLS or CSV).
  • Reservations history (for customers).
  • Track reservation status (for customers).
  • Surety and commission fees.
  • Rooms guest info on reservation (name and age).
  • Online and offline payments.
  • Email, SMS and FAX notifications.
  • Country page.
  • Location page.
  • Hotel page.
  • Search hotels (with flexible destination support).
  • Filter hotels by multiple criteria.
  • Order hotels by multiple criteria.
  • Hotel contact form (configurable).
  • Nearby destinations.
  • Nearby hotels.
  • Last reservation (real or fake!).
  • Smart suggestions (eg. reccommended room for you).
  • Full hotel rating and reviews system.
  • Quick and easy booking process.
  • Hotels, rooms and locations galleries.
Hotels portal control panel - Charts
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  • Public holidays for about 30 countries integrated into calendar.
  • Travel data (distance and travel time).
  • Integrated Google maps (interactive and static image maps) - API key is required.
  • Integrated Disqus comments.
  • Integrated Flickr for automatic location image galleries.
  • Integrated Tripadvisor widgets.
  • Grid layout or specific country as frontpage.
  • Geo data with countries/locations/hotels map coordinates.
  • PUSH notifications on new reservation or on reservation cancel to notify third party systems.
  • Discount coupons (set coupons validity for hotels on specific location, hotel, hotelier, or for all hotels).
  • Full amount discount. A discount the customer gets if he selects to pay the whole amount instead of just the surety fee.
  • Statistical charts.

Hotels portal to remote hotel with intependent website

Booking engine installed on our server!

In this scenarion, hotels portal booking engine is installed and configured on our own servers. Each hotel company can have multiple users with login access only to their own company. Each company can have its own settings, methods of payments, etc. The data (availability, rooms, price rates, reservations, payments, etc) are completely separated and private for each hotel company.

Hotels portal booking engine - Remote connection with indepentent hotel
Hotels portal booking engine - Remote connection with indepentent hotel. [Click to zoom]

Booking engine is provided by you!

In compare with the above option, Hotels portal package can also be provided to anyone interested and want to create the booking engine of their own and provide remote reservations through hidden and fully secured connections (API) to their clients.

Whatever option you choose from the two above, package support connections with a remote Wordpress, Joomla or a single PHP hotel website. Are you interested of using remote hotel connections feature through hotels portal booking engine? Contact with Stavros to provide more information about!

Hotels portal - Hotels list by
Hotels portal - Hotels list by [Click to zoom]

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