Tips on choosing a good domain name

One of the most important steps before developing your website is to choose the proper web name (domain name). The domain name is your online identity, and represents the website and your business. The main and most important rules for selecting a domain name are the following...

If possible, include descriptive keywords in your domain name that describe your business. For example, if your website is related to construction, the use of keyword construction in the domain name will be beneficial. This will allow visitors to be able to get some sort of sense what the website is about just by reading the domain name and, also it will have a positive impact on search engines(search engine optimization, seo)

The domain name should be as simple as it could be and brief.

A domain name must be easy to memorize and pronounce.

Keep it descriptive! Use words that describe exactly what you do.

Use a popular domain name extension. if at all possible, get a .com name.

Ensure that the domain name is not over 20 characters or bigger than three words.

If it is necessary you could register more than one domain names.