Features of Elxis CMS 4.2 Icarus

Elxis 4.2 is available for download! The new version brings many improvements in the administration interface to make admin tasks simpler, as well as new features. Among others, it has a brand new responsive template named Flex in the front-end area that totally changes the way Elxis looks and feels in the front-end, updated system and third party libraries, updated jquery and WYSIWYG editor, improved layout and style for mobile devices, responsive front-page grid which can now render module positions or individual modules and new tools for developers to help them build better extensions for Elxis CMS.

Lots of cool new features are available for the administrator in Elxis 4.2 Icarus. You can now create private sites by setting the site's online status to online for registered users only. You can manage plugins directly from the list of installed plugins without having to go through the editor. You can preview modules from the administration section even if they are unpublished. You can schedule an article to be auto-published on any date in the future. You can see the available updates for Elxis core and all installed extensions in one page and perform the updates with a single click.

Download Elxis CMS 4.2 Icarus
Download Elxis CMS 4.2 Icarus!

Smart administration features

Elxis 4.2 has many small improvements and additions in the back-end section which make the administrator's life simpler. The need for most of these improvements were the result of our up-to-now experience with Elxis 4.x and from community members requests. Some of them are not easily noticed, so lets shed some light onto them.

After you click Apply on a form, you return to the last open tab before clicking the button. Similar to this, after editing a module you return to the modules listing page with the last display options (page number, sort column and sort order). You can reset articles' creation date and hits counter. New parameters were added which allows you to hide article's introduction text, sub title and image in the article's details page. You can copy or move menu items from one collection to another. You can add or edit all item's translations in a single window. After you install an extension Elxis displays you a direct edit link. In the general configuration page there is a link to test e-mail settings by sending a test e-mail. A new configuration option enables native language detection and re-direction on the first visit in site's front-page. The administration search from the top right module is now multilingual and you can also search in articles sub-titles too (configurable). Discover all new cool features in Elxis 4.2 release notes page.

Download Elxis 4.2 Icarus for fresh installations or follow the instructions as attached in the update patch from 4.1 versions to 4.2.

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