Upgrade Elxis CMS 2009.3 be compatible with PHP 7.x

Users of Elxis CMS 2009.3 should not worry about the incompatibility issues with PHP 7.x. We give you an alternative option to upgrade the software in order be compatible with a server having installed PHP 7.x and MySQLi. The purpose is the compatibility of the version with the most modern and active technologies.

Reasons Why You Should Update

PHP 5.6 version is no longer supported by the PHP community, its use by websites is considered dangerous as it may expose them to security vulnerabilities.

PHP 7 - Macbook pro

Apart from security issues there is an obvious difference in performance. It is worth noting that the 7th version of this server-side language scripting (PHP) allows system to execute twice as many requests per second in comparison with the PHP 5.6, at almost half of the latency.

Upgrade process to PHP 7.x

The service is provided on a case by case basis. It will require the analysis of the website as well as the technologies used. One of the major changes is the integration of a new WYSIWYG editor as TinyMCE is no longer compatible.

Finally, along with the compatibility upgrade, a level of security will be applied as the software is outdated and its use is not recommended by the Elxis CMS development team.

Please as contact with us for more information. Stavros is available to answer any questions you may have.

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