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Press News Module Logotype WG Press News module has been upgraded to 2.0 version for Elxis 2009.x. Furthermore functionality-appearance has been added. It is now supported from eForum and IOS Bubbles applications of Elxis CMS.

Press news module for Elxis CMS 4.x

Press news module has been redeveloped from scratch and it's now compatible with Elxis CMS 4.x. Press news module slides our article's title and subtitle using scroll and fade animation types. We can either choose a content category (including subcategories or not) or we can set them manually by writing the category IDs (autonomous pages are supported). The original javascript code was written by Works only with the HTML5 doctype.


09.10.2012: Upgraded to 3.0 version in order to be compatible with Elxis 4.x.
30.07.2010: Upgraded to 2.0 version. New features added.

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