Module Development - IOS Reservations Additional Info

IOSR Additional Info ModuleThe IOSR Additional Info module is created in order to help customers who have purchased the application of Hotel Management Reservations named IOS Reservation 3.x Component. The module gives the option of adding information on specific hotels as well as specific locations based on their ID registered on IOS Reservations Component.The additional information might be the distances from a specific hotel to ( Train Station,  popular area attractions, airport,  the port, etc.). Several information might be nearby restaurants , Weather forecasts ,comparative table of prices and offered services for each hotel's rooms , historical information of the specific location , recently news - events of each city and more.
June 2014: Deprecated as IOS Reservations 3.x component is deprecated. Request your preferred module.

Technical Specifications:

Developed in object-oriented programming language PHP and technologies such as: XML, CSS, JavaScript. Supported multilingual system in the administrator area of Elxis CMS such as English, Greek, German, French, Russian and Italian.

Support browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 - 9.0, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera
Elxis CMS Platform : 2009.X (Not compatible with 4.x versions)
IOS Reservation Component Support: 3.X (Not compatible with 4.x versions)
SSL Supported.
License : Commercial.

You are allowed to:

  • Use the module in as many sites you like after 1 at least purchase for each client of ours separately.
  • Modify the CSS, images, and all the files included in order to match your needs.

You are not allowed to:

  • Re-distribute, re-sell, re-publish the module as is or a modified version of it.
  • Remove or change the copyright notices.

More detailed information relative to module parameters you will find at the specific PDF file by the time of payment confirmation.

We provide free support.

Any case of Licensing violation, will be legally prosecuted.

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