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CU3ER™ module is a 3D Flash image slider, easy to set up, fully customizable, tailored to provide a unique look & feel, inspiring and fun to use. Play with CU3ER! It is 3D magic, awesome and free.
Cu3er 3D Slideshow module developed by webgift dev for Elxis CMS.

Technical Specifications :

Developed in object-oriented programming language PHP and technologies such as: XML, CSS, JavaScript.
Supported Flash : Flash Player 9+
Support browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 - 9.0, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera
Elxis CMS Platform compatibility: 2009.0, 2009.1, 2009.2 (or later) and 4.x

Image Gallery


10.02.2014 : Module Cuber is now compatible with Elxis CMS 4.x series. Free Download from Elxis Download Center!

User Interface

User Interface enhances overall viewing experience enabling the user to get useful information (such as slide description or progress information while loading files) and to interact with the CU3ER (navigating trough slides or pausing the slideshow)

General Settings

General Settings

"Slide panel" is your image/transition display area inside the CU3ER .swf file. Set your slide panel dimensions. Make sure they fit your image dimensions. Then align the 'panel' relative to the CU3ER stage. See the image below for possible align states:

General Settings

Transition Settings

3D Transitions represent the core feature of the CU3ER. They are powerful, visually appealing yet very easy to set up. You can define your transition template and then override it with custom settings for each transition, if needed - by doing it this way you don't have to define each property over and over again, the CU3ER allows you to alter all you want once including the other attributes automatically.

Button Settings

Navigation buttons, represented as graphic shapes, are used for navigation through slides. Include the node in order to display 'previous' or 'next' navigation button in the CU3ER. By clicking this button, you'll instruct the CU3ER to perform 3D transition and to show the previous defined slide in XML. Please take a look at following picture displaying possible scenarios for previous (navigation) button graphics with various round_corners settings:

Navigation Settings

Symbol Settings

Having navigation buttons (prev/next) only, which are represented as simple graphic shapes, may not always be enough to provide the best viewing experience. In order to improve the navigation and enrich the slide viewing, a range of navigation symbols is supporting the navigation buttons. Their visual information is represented by 10 different arrow symbols that are telling the user very clearly which action they are able to perform.
There are 10 navigation symbols available:

Symbol Settings
You can see detailed information at module's parameters area.

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