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Module development - ArchivistThe Archivist module developed with the intention to cover the needs of interested content administration users of the Elxis CMS.  It can be used for website types such as:  Information Portals and types of News Portals but not limited only to that. Archivist module operates with success on content applications for the component types (com_content) and on the blog component (com_eblog).  The visitors have the ability to choose the year (e.g. 2011) which interests them, the respective month, (e.g. January) as well as the minimum limit (in numbers) of articles or messages (e.g. 5) to be displayed by the module.

General Information:

For everyone interested, after the installation of the module the settings are changeable through module's tab parameters by the administrator of the system to choose if the module will operate in one of two methods of operation.  Automatic operation or not, as well as the ability to display or to hide the field limit of the number of articles allowed by the module.  In the event that the field is hidden or the module will return up to 5 articles or messages.  To operate in the automatic mode, select “YES” in the situation where the administrator has installed at least two (2) of the applications that are mentioned in the above paragraph.  In the event we select the automatic operation as “NO” then the module will operate in non-automatic mode only returning the articles of the application com_content.  The module automatically detects where the visitor is on our website and searches for the articles / messages of the respective components each time.

Technical Characteristics:

Developed using object oriented programming in the language of PHP.  Additionally it uses technologies such as:  XML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and jQuery.

- Multilingual support in the public area of Elxis CMS in the languages of:  English and Greek.
- Language of administration and support:  English
- Browsers supported:  Internet Explorer 7.0 - 9.0, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera
- Elxis CMS platform compatibility:  2008.x και 2009.x
- User License:  Creative Commons 3.0 S.A.

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16.10.2011 : Archivist module updated to version 1.0.1

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