Module development - IOSR Filter hotels 2.0

Module development - IOSR Filter hotels 2.0IOSR Filter hotels module is the 2nd edition of a relative module that we had developed for IOS Reservations 3.x and it was deprecated on June of 2014 after IOS Reservations 3.x component was deprecated earlier that year from the market. Module is developed from scratch having as a basic idea the world-known hotel reservations system like and After the request of Mr. Papadopoulos Christos, who we want to really thank him specially as he economically support us during the development and he allow us to release it under commercial license to the public after development phase complete.
September 2019: Deprecated as IOS Hotels 1.x component has been deprecated. Request your preferred module.

  1. Auto Mode: If activated, module will load the hotels of the location on where the visitor is, otherwise it will load all of  submitted hotels of our website. Default value: Yes.
  2. Hotel Counter: If enabled a counter of how many hotels will be displayed to each form's option. Default value: Show
  3. Option/Group: Set the maximum number of options for each group. If the records are more than the current field then a 'View more' link will be displayed. Default value: 8.
  4. Accommodation types: Show or Hide the accommodation types group of options from the module. Default value: Show.
  5. Stars or Keys: Show or Hide the stars/keys group of options from the module. Default value: Show.
  6. Hotel Facilities: Show or Hide the hotel facilities group of options from the module. Default value: Show.
  7. Add-on Services: Show or Hide the add-on services group of options from the module. Default value: Show. Tip: Submit unique add-on services to the system and help module to return the correct results!
  8. Price: Show or Hide the price group of options from the module. Default value: Show. Module display price ranges having into consideration if we have searched for room availability. If yes then module displays the prices of available rooms for checkin and checkout dates otherwise it displays the available rooms from today giving an estimation! Prices are also calculated with discounts if a user (eg tour operators) have successfully logged-in to our website.
  9. Price range: Set a custom price range or leave this field empty and module will calculate automatically a price range for you. For instance if you set 40 that means: 0 - 39, 40 - 79, 80 - 119.
  10. CSS suffix: A suffix that will be added to the module CSS class.
Module use pagination feature with AJAX request calls. On each page are displayed so many hotels as we have set from settings page of IOSR Hotels extension at administrator's area.

Did you know that IOSR Filter Hotels 2.0 exceed in total the 1500 lines of source code at development phase, just 500 lines fewer than its predecessor?

Technical Specifications

Developed in fully object oriented server side language scripting PHP and technologies like: XML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX. Analytically:
- Current version: 2.0
- Browsers: Tested in all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer).
- Framework: Elxis CMS 4.x
- PHP Version: 5.3+
- Database: MySQL
- Component: IOSR 4.x and IOSR Hotels 1.x
- License: Commercial

You are allowed to

- Use the module in as many sites you wish after 1 at least purchase for each client of ours separately.
- Edit module's CSS file in order to suit your site appearance.
- Copy from a mother site to a child one (Multisite feature as firstly implemented on Elxis CMS 4.x) after 1 at least purchase for each client separately.

You are NOT allowed to

- Re-sell the module as is or a modified version of it.
- The transfer to another user or users without the permission of webgift.
- Remove or change the copyright notices.

Any case of Licensing violation, will be legally prosecuted.


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