Module development - IOSR Hotels

Module development - IOSR HotelsWe are very pleased to announce the new module named IOSR Hotels that we developed for you. This module will help on the way of listing the submitted hotels on your website. An essential prerequisite is that you have purchased the hotel's reservation application - IOS Reservation for the content management system Elxis CMS and make use of multiple hotels mode.
June 2014: Deprecated as IOS Reservations 3.x component is deprecated. Request your preferred module.

Module is created after requests of our clients and it is the most comprehensive solution in terms of hotel displaying. We based on website which uses a similar technique of presentation.

Below we will analyze a variety of parameters covering even the most demanding users. Analytically :

Multilingual Module title : By hiding the default module's title you can use this option in order to use the title that is more appropriate.
- Order by: 5 basic 'order by' options of the registered hotels. These are: Recently listed, popularity based on views, recently bookings have been made, latest commented and hotels based on a parent (main) location.
- Parent(main) location hotels : This option will show you all the parent (main) locations you have submitted on your IOS Reservation component. In case that we select the proper 'order by' option (see above) a list of hotels in this location will be displayed.
- Columns: Up to 4 columns of hotels. We can change the apprearance of this module by one click.
- Limit hotels : Set the maximum number of prominent hotels.
- Image : Show or Hide a relative hotel's image (thumbnail).
- Width and height (px) : Set the dimension of hotel's image.
- Stars / Keys : Show or Hide option of Stars or Keys according to each case.
- Location : Show or Hide the hotel's location.
- Recently bookings : Show when the latest bookings have been made for each hotel.
- Recently Commented : Show or Hide the latest comment for each hotel. By enabling this option, visitors can read the latest comment through a tooltip. Information like commentor's name, city, positive and negative feedbacks provide here. (See the Gallery Image below).
- Ratings : Show or Hide the average rating of each hotel.
- Room's Prices (From) : Show or Hide the minimum price of each listed hotel from the present date and on.
- Hotel's Description : Show or Hide the hotel's description
- Limit Hotel's Description : Set the number of characters that will be displayed for each hotel.

IOSR Hotels module can be copied as many times as you wish in order to provided all the available information based on different 'order by' options.

Technical Specifications:

Developed in object-oriented programming language PHP and technologies such as: XML, CSS. Supported Multi-language interface in the administrator and public (front-end) area of Elxis CMS such as English, Greek. (Additional languages support - Soon Available).
- Current Version : 1.0
- Browsers support : Internet Explorer 7.0 - 9.0 , Firefox , Safari , Google Chrome και Opera
- Elxis CMS: 2009.X (Not compatible with 4.x versions)
- IOS Reservation Component: 3.X (Not compatible with 4.x versions)
- SSL Supported
- License: Commercial

You are allowed to:

• Use the module in as many sites you like after 1 at least purchase for each client of ours separately.
•  Edit module's CSS file in order to suit your site appearance.

You are not allowed to:

• Re-sell the module as is or a modified version of it.
• Remove or change the copyright notices.
We provide free support after purchasing.

Any case of Licensing violation, will be legally prosecuted.

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