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Google Docs Viewer BotGoogle Doc Viewer bot gives you the ability to quickly view documents online without leaving your browser using Google Docs Viewer technology. You can post a document file like pdf, doc, xls etc (see the supported file types below) into a content item or an autonomous page or even at product's description area of your eshop website using Elxis CMS 2009.x and Elxis 4.x.

Do you need a free, alternative and simultaneously a standalone solution? Try ViewerJS content plugin!

Overview document features

There are 2 main modes that bot - plugin can display the registered documents. These are :
1. Button Mode. An image button will be displayed at the point of the article that we called the bot. You can read the document by clicking on that image. With the use of Highslide technology ,document will appear in a popup window into your browser! On Elxis 4.x we use Colorbox technology for the same purpose!
2. Review it within the article's area as is. Document will be displayed uncharged using iframe choice.
Switching between these 2 modes above can be determined by the parameters of Bot or Plugin.

Upload document features for Elxis 2009.x

We can upload - set the document with 2 different ways each time. There are :
1. Using an FTP client program. We can upload the document via FTP server to our 'elxis' website at /images/userfiles/ folder. The bot can be called by writing the expression :
{gviewer}filename.filetype{/gviewer}* at Elxis administration area (into editor).
2. Writing the live url of document. For example :

* In order to avoid writing each time the expression of Google Doc Viewer Bot : {gviewer}.....{/gviewer} we have published one more bot that generates an Image button at Elxis Administrator Area (below of WYSIWYG text editor) [Download that bot below]

Upload document features for Elxis 4.x

With Elxis 4.x we can easily either upload any document to our website or provide a full URL to the remore document from content plugin's import process. In case that we upload a document locally, there is a dashboard table on which we can view, choose or even delete a document.

Supported file types

The Google Docs Viewer bot supports over 15 different file types, listed below:
Microsoft Word (.DOC and .DOCX) , Microsoft Excel (.XLS and .XLSX) , Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT and .PPTX) , Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF) , Apple Pages (.PAGES) , Adobe Illustrator (.AI) , Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) , Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF) , Autodesk AutoCad (.DXF) , Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) , PostScript (.EPS, .PS) , TrueType (.TTF) , XML Paper Specification (.XPS) and  Archive file types (.ZIP and .RAR)

Technical Specifications:

Developed in object-oriented programming language PHP and technologies such as: XML, CSS, JavaScript. Supported multilingual system in the Public area of Elxis CMS which contains English and Greek.

  • Administrator Language Support : English ( and Greek for Elxis 4.x)
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 - 9.0, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera
  • Elxis CMS Platform : 2009.X, 4.x
  • SSL Supported.
  • HighSlide technology with Elxis 2009.x and Colorbox technology with Elxis 4.x.
  • License : Elxis Public License

Change Log

  • v1.2 [09.06.2016]:
    - Added new attribute dismode in gviewer tag. We can enforce extension change the display mode from button (value is 0) to iFrame (value is 1). e.g: {gviewer dismode=1}document{/gviewer}
    - iFrame become responsive with 100 percent in width and a fixed height in pixels as we can set it from parameters tab of this content plugin at back-end area.
  • v1.1 [27.03.2013]:
    -Multiple files are supported on a single article.
    - Fixed problem when SSL switch enabled.
  • • [26.09.2012]: Google Doc Viewer is developed from scratch and it's supported by Elxis 4.x.

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