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Aurora responsive template released for Elxis CMS 4.x Aurora is the most flexible and all-in-one template we've ever created! Its modern and fully responsive design which fully match into current web trends. We have included colors, themes and layout that makes it ready to use in just a few minutes. We put a lot of effort to make the template intuitive to use and easy to customize. You won't find any better tool to build exceptional sites (blog, business, portfolio, products, online reservations etc)! We are proud of this template and we hope you have exactly the same feeling while you use!


Aurora can automatically adapt to many screen sizes thanks to its responsive capabilities. Even better is that all of Aurora's sliders are also fully responsive: Orbit slider, Content Slider, Pikachoose - Thumbnail slider and our Elastic Slider. All sliders include touch swipe functionality for tablets and smartphones. Not only is it responsive but it also keeps the clean, modern design all the way down to smaller screen sizes such as iPhones. Every element has been tweaked for different screen sizes to make sure it looks great no matter what the device. Now people can easily browse your site using smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers.

  1. Layout: 2 fantastic layout options. The boxed and the full width (wide) one!
  2. Themes: 2 alternative basic themes. The light and the dark one.
  3. Base colors: 6 alternative base colors.
  4. Patterns: 12 different background patterns. Works only with the boxed layout option.
  5. Fonts: 6 available font families + 1 more added to version 2.5 (Arimo Font family).
  6. Module positions: There are 12 module positions at the homepage of the template. Of cource you can use as many as you prefer.
  7. Columns: 3 columns available. These are: Left, Main content and the Right one.
  8. Hide Columns: Option of show or hide the vertical columns on homepage. The vertical columns are the left and the rigth one.
  9. Main wrapper width: Either the selected layout is Boxed or Wide (full width) there are 4 different maximum widths of total wrapper. These are: 940, 960, 970, 980 and 1020 in pixels. Added 1180 pixels to ver.2.5.
  10. Logo Settings: Set your logo (Image or Site name).
  11. Menu Settings: 2 different technologies have been implemented to the template according to horizontal and vertical menus.
... and so much more

Aurora package includes the template's installer, 4 modules (image sliders) and 2 internal notes!

• 2016.06.01 [ver 2.6]:
+ Added icons at the top corner for managing bookmarks, notes, reminders and personal messages. These features require Elxis 4.5 or newer.
• 2015.01.19 [ver 2.5]:
~ Bug fixed: Top menu z-index
~ Mobile version of template changed to responsive.
~ Light version style updated,
+ Add one more witdh option (1180px),
- Totally removed inline CSS
~ Social Icons changed using CSS Sprites.
+ Search module improved
- Remove effects.js and improved toolbar icons functionality
- CSS combine files for colors
- Remove inline Javascript
~ Improve Javascript function
+ inner.php page added.
~ Exit pages functionality improved.
+ Added Arimo font family
- CSS files for each color removed
~ Improve dark version of template
~ Bug fixed CSS Fatal exit page
~ content slider module bug fixed - updated to ver 1.5
~ Orbit module updated 1.2 - CSS responsive
~ Pikachoose module update to ver 1.3 - CSS responsive width fixed
• 2013.12.18 [ver 2.0]:
+ Change side column width,
+ Modules login and IOSR Currency added at the top right area as icons.
- removed inner.php file,
~ make fully compatible with IOS Reservation 4.0.
~ Bug fixed: Hide side column under certain paths.
~ Bug fixed: Top menu compatibility with mobiles.
• 2013.11.06
√ Aurora is the default template for IOS Reservation 4.0 component - demo website.
• 2013.10.21 [ver 1.2]
+ Turkish language added [Many thanks to Hakan Gür ( )],
~ Bug fixed to Elastic slider,
~ Bugs fixed for Aurora template.
• 2013.10.08 [ver 1.1]:
+ Pathway position option added and small appearance improvements for links made.

Technical Specifications:

Developed in object-oriented programming language PHP and technologies such as: XML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. Supported Multi-language interface in the administrator and public (front-end) area of Elxis CMS.
- Version: 2.6
- Revision: 316
- Browsers Compatibility: Internet Explorer 8.0+ , Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.
- Elxis CMS Platform: 4.x
- Responsive support: Yes
- Mobile Friendly: Yes
- Exit pages support: Yes (14)
- Functional Template: Yes (over 20 parameters)
- RTL Support: Yes
- APC Support: Yes
- Compatible with Document Types: HTML5, XTML5, XHTML 1.0 strict and XHTML 1.0 transitional. Suggested the HTML5 Document type.
- License: Commercial

Aurora, as well as webgift's other themes, comes with excellent support. Having a well coded and designed theme doesn't mean anything if you don't have a way to insure its longevity!

You are allowed to:

• Use the template in as many sites you like after 1 at least purchase for each client of ours separately.
• Edit module's CSS file in order to suit your site appearance.

Any case of Licensing violation, will be legally prosecuted.

You are not allowed to:

• Re-sell the template as is or a modified version of it.
• Remove or change the copyright notices.

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