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Ares template released for Elxis CMS 4.x Ares is a powerful, premium and now fully responsive template for the users of Elxis Content Management System 4.x. It is designed and developed by webgift dev and we offer a highly professional tool for any interested user. This template provides all the main functionality you will need to present your products, work and yourself in an elegant and professional style.


The Ares template is highly flexible, so changing the color theme is super simple and for the most parts you won’t need an image editor. The template is best suited for any business, portfolio, photography, tourism, e-commerce and personal sites.

Ares package include: the template, 4 image slider modules and a detailed documentation!

  1. Theme: Choose your lovely color between 6 interesting choices!
  2. Pattern: 20 beautiful patterns available.
  3. Width: Set the width of the main container. Available values are: 980, 1020 and 1150 in pixels.
  4. Pathway: Show or Hide the pathway of Elxis CMS.
  5. Hide Columns: Hide side columns (the left and the right one) on homepage.
  6. Font Family: Choose between 7 world known font families.
  7. Columns: Set the number of displayed columns. Available columns: Left, Main content and the Right one.
  8. Hide Column Manually: Set a URL Segment on which the side columns will be hidden.
  9. Logotype Settings: Set your logotype (Image or Site name).
  10. Menu Settins: 2different parameters according to top horizontal menu.
  11. Buttons: Set which social buttons will be displayed at the footer area of your website!
... and so much more

Technical Specifications:

Developed in object-oriented programming language PHP and technologies such as: XML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. Supported Multi-language interface in the administrator and public (front-end) area of Elxis CMS.
- Current Version: 2.2
- Browsers Compatibility: Internet Explorer 9.0+ , Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Opera.
- Elxis CMS Platform: 4.x
- Mobile Friendly: Yes
- Exit pages support: Yes (14)
- Functional Template: Yes (over 20 parameters)
- RTL Support: Yes
- APC Support: Yes
- Compatible with Document Types: HTML5, XTML5, XHTML 1.0 strict and XHTML 1.0 transitional
- License: Commercial

• 2017.05.12 [ver 2.2 rev 174]:
+ All extensions have been translated in to German language. Our warm thanks to Mr. Christian Hirsch for his offer,
~ Content Slider module updated to ver. 1.5 and Orbit one to ver. 1.2,
• 2016.08.29 [ver 2.2]:
~ Responsive major bug is now fixed. The relative option removed from template's parameters,
+ inner.php page added,
• 2016.06.09 [ver 2.1]:
~ Module search and icons (email, print) bugs are fixed,
• 2014.01.24 [ver 2.0]:
+ Elastic slider added to Ares package 2.0 rev167,
~ mobile version of template have been totally changed,
~ exit pages redesigned,
+ responsive design compatible with any device,
+ more template parameters for advanced users,
+ more social buttons,
+ 3 world known font families,
~ Bug fixed: Font families,
+ 2 more width options of total main wrapper,
+ 4 more paths text fields on which user can hide side columns,
~ top menu position change to relative and re-arranged,
+ 11 background patterns
- 6 color themes,
~ Bug fixed: gif image on pikachoose module.
~ Bugs fixed: Ares template 1.0
+ top wrapper

Ares, as well as webgift's other themes, comes with excellent support. Having a well coded and designed theme doesn't mean anything if you don't have a way to insure its longevity!

You are allowed to:

• Use the template in as many sites you like after 1 at least purchase for each client of ours separately.
• Edit module's CSS file in order to suit your site appearance.

Any case of Licensing violation, will be legally prosecuted.

You are not allowed to:

• Re-sell the template as is or a modified version of it.
• Remove or change the copyright notices.

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